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# ලිපි සිරැසිය දිනය
1 66 new Certified Business Accountants of CA Sri Lanka are ready for the business world 2022 ජූනි 30 වෙනි බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා
2 CA Sri Lanka strengthens taxation profession with 57 new Certified Tax Advisors 2022 ජූනි 27 වෙනි සදුදා
3 CA Sri Lanka launches landmark Non-Financial Reporting Guideline to promote non-financial reporting practices among companies 2022 ජූනි 23 වෙනි බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා
4 CA Sri Lanka, APFASL partners with USAID to strengthen public sector accounting and auditing capabilities 2022 ජූනි 17 වෙනි සිකුරාදා
5 Experts to shed key insights on integrated reporting at CA Sri Lanka webinar series 2022 ජූනි 15 වෙනි බදාදා
6 CA Sri Lanka grants module wise exemptions for ACCA and CIMA Students to become Chartered Accountants 2022 ජූනි 15 වෙනි බදාදා
7 CA Sri Lanka kicks off ‘CA Live’ featuring monthly talks ranging from exam success to mental well-being 2022 මැයි 31 වෙනි අඟහරුවාදා
8 Request For Expression of Interest and Pre - Qualification 2022 මැයි 23 වෙනි සදුදා
9 CA Sri Lanka, ICAEW set sight on producing more Chartered Accountants to power businesses 2022 මැයි 18 වෙනි බදාදා
10 CA Sri Lanka submits wide-ranging proposals to finance ministry to help revive economy 2022 මැයි 09 වෙනි සදුදා