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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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# கட்டுரைத் தலைப்பு ஆசிரியர் அடிப்புகள்
181 CL & SL Exam Application Sarujan Sivanesan 31666
182 Library Open Hours Sarujan Sivanesan 28079
183 Applications Accepted for SL5- Integrated Case Study Assignment (October 2022) Sarujan Sivanesan 28492
184 Exciting line-up of speakers set to steer CA Sri Lanka’s 43rd National Conference Sarujan Sivanesan 26984
185 Revised dates for Special Mock Examinations for Strategic Level – October 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 28855
186 Business Communication I & II (CS1 & CS2) examinations scheduled on 08 October 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 28087
187 Six top scorers at the 2021 GCE A/L exam secure scholarships from CA Sri Lanka Sarujan Sivanesan 27296
188 CA Sri Lanka felicitates new Commissioner General of Inland Revenue and inaugurates tax symposium Sarujan Sivanesan 27540
189 CA Sri Lanka donates Rs. 3 million worth lab products to Lady Ridgeway Hospital Sarujan Sivanesan 26672
190 CA Sri Lanka’s inaugural tax symposium to focus on prudent tax policies for economic stability Sarujan Sivanesan 26038
191 CA Online Classroom - MCQ exam Techniques Sarujan Sivanesan 29051
192 Entries are now open for CA Sri Lanka’s highly acclaimed TAGS Awards 2022 to crown the best corporates Sarujan Sivanesan 28644
193 Business Communication-2 (CS2) Notice Sarujan Sivanesan 29957
194 Business Communication (CS1) Notice Sarujan Sivanesan 29602
195 Business Level Notice Sarujan Sivanesan 33481
196 CA Live August Sarujan Sivanesan 30734
197 Annual Tax Symposium Sarujan Sivanesan 28766
198 195 graduate at CA Sri Lanka Business School convocation with masters, postgraduate diplomas and executive diplomas Sarujan Sivanesan 27928
199 Amidst an unprecedented crisis, CA Sri Lanka’s 43rd National Conference to influence Chartered Accountants to push for transformation Sarujan Sivanesan 28719
200 Member Benefits Scheme 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 34639
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