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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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41 CA Live July session - Master your thinking in a crisis to win your career and exams Sarujan Sivanesan 7084
43 BUSINESS LEVEL II EXAMINATION - JULY 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 8660
44 Business Level II Examination - July 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 8772
45 CA Sri Lanka, People’s Bank to help 34 medium-sized businesses transform and go global Sarujan Sivanesan 8068
46 66 new Certified Business Accountants of CA Sri Lanka are ready for the business world Sarujan Sivanesan 7554
47 Special Notice Postponement of CA Sri Lanka Exams Sarujan Sivanesan 10844
48 CA Sri Lanka strengthens taxation profession with 57 new Certified Tax Advisors Sarujan Sivanesan 7383
49 CA Sri Lanka launches landmark Non-Financial Reporting Guideline to promote non-financial reporting practices among companies Sarujan Sivanesan 6920
50 CA Sri Lanka, APFASL partners with USAID to strengthen public sector accounting and auditing capabilities Sarujan Sivanesan 7201
51 Certified Tax Advisor – Application Level Sarujan Sivanesan 7947
52 Certified Tax Advisor – Awareness Level Sarujan Sivanesan 7726
53 Certified Tax Advisor – Advisory Level Sarujan Sivanesan 7809
54 Experts to shed key insights on integrated reporting at CA Sri Lanka webinar series Sarujan Sivanesan 7434
55 CA Sri Lanka grants module wise exemptions for ACCA and CIMA Students to become Chartered Accountants Sarujan Sivanesan 7282
56 Register for Common Pre seen Discussion - Strategic Level July 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 9137
57 Application for the Viva-Voce interviews for the annual convocation 2022 Sarujan Sivanesan 9643
58 Modulewise Exemptions for ACCA & CIMA Sarujan Sivanesan 8819
59 CA Sri Lanka kicks off ‘CA Live’ featuring monthly talks ranging from exam success to mental well-being Sarujan Sivanesan 8132
60 Application Closing Date Extended Sarujan Sivanesan 12341