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The latest news from the Joomla! Team

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101 CA Sri Lanka’s YCAF celebrates its 10th anniversary Sarujan Sivanesan 15671
102 CA Sri Lanka takes lead in supporting Jaffna based SMEs Sarujan Sivanesan 15728
103 CA Sri Lanka signs MoU with University of Jaffna’s Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce Sarujan Sivanesan 15939
104 Leading corporates shine for their resilience and perseverance at CA Sri Lanka’s 56th Annual Report Awards Sarujan Sivanesan 17214
105 CA Sri Lanka’s new SAB campus set to transform higher education with new degrees and MBAs Sarujan Sivanesan 18959
106 CA Sri Lanka produces 318 new Chartered Accountants to steer the corporate world Sarujan Sivanesan 17232
107 Over 260 students graduate with the CA Sri Lanka BSc. Applied Accounting Degree Sarujan Sivanesan 16867
108 CA Sri Lanka revamps Matara branch with enhanced services for Southern Province students and members Sarujan Sivanesan 17292
109 CA Sri Lanka Past President Nishan Fernando to lead AOSSG, a regional standard setters’ group Sarujan Sivanesan 16962
110 Central Bank Governor and Treasury Secretary outlines government’s recovery plan at CA Sri Lanka’s Budget Seminar Sarujan Sivanesan 16794
111 Corporate Strategic Level Physical Examination Sarujan Sivanesan 20425
112 Corporate & Strategic Level Examinations - December 2021 22571
113 Business Communication -1 (CS1) December 2021 22349
114 Corporate & Strategic Level Examination- December 20201 Applications Are Now Accepted Sarujan Sivanesan 19566
115 CA Sri Lanka submits budget proposals to Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa Sarujan Sivanesan 17747
116 16 top performers win prizes at CA Sri Lanka’s September Business Level virtual exam 17940
117 Call for Chartered Accountants to build on position of trust and lead on future challenges 17924
118 Registration for Mock Examination - CL 1 , SL 1 20832
119 Technical Glitch Following the Issuance of Results of the September business Level ll Exams 19250
120 CA Sri Lanka launches virtual career guidance sessions to reconnect with students 19061