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CA Sri Lanka Kuwait Chapter boost professional growth opportunities for Sri Lankans through key partnership with Kuwaiti body

Heralding a new era for both Sri Lankan and Kuwaiti accounting professionals, the Kuwait Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) is poised to catalyze professional growth and knowledge exchange opportunities for Sri Lankans through an impactful partnership with the Kuwait Accountants & Auditors Association (KAAA).

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Mr. Heshana Kuruppu, President of CA Sri Lanka, and Mr. Sabah Mubarak Al-Jalawi, Chairman of KAAA, in the presence of Mr. Kandeepan Balasubramanaiam, Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Kuwait, and Mr. Dimuthu Ethugala, President of the CA Sri Lanka Kuwait Chapter, at a recent event at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Kuwait.

The collaborative effort between CA Sri Lanka’s Kuwait Chapter and KAAA aims to create a dynamic platform for individuals seeking to advance their careers in the accounting and finance fields. By leveraging the resources and expertise of both bodies, the CA Sri Lanka Kuwait Chapter is committed to empowering Sri Lankans to excel in their professional journeys and contribute significantly to the global accounting landscape. The KAAA is a prominent accounting organisation founded in 1973.

Through the MOU, KAAA will host seminars, events, and training programmes, enabling members of CA Sri Lanka to participate and broaden their knowledge, skills, and competencies for career advancement within Kuwait, while the CA Sri Lanka Kuwait Chapter will facilitate participation in seminars, events, and webinars in collaboration with KAAA, providing essential venues and facilities for these programmes. Additionally, technical programs offered by CA Sri Lanka are recognised in Kuwait, enabling government bodies, ministries, and KAAA members to partake in these initiatives, fostering knowledge exchange between the nations.

The MOU will also facilitate CA Sri Lanka students to gain the opportunity to study at KAAA, while KAAA students can explore educational opportunities at CA Sri Lanka, enhancing cross-cultural and cross-border learning experiences. CA Sri Lanka will also offer short-term study programmes in accounting, finance, and audit domains in collaboration with KAAA, enabling Kuwaiti students and members to access valuable educational resources.

Furthermore, CA Sri Lanka will also provide guidelines and measures to enhance services related to corporate governance, technical research and advice, quality assurance, forensic accounting, as well as issues concerning small and medium-sized practices (SMPs), Islamic finance, and continuing professional development (CPD), enriching KAAA's service offerings.

CA Kuwait MoU 2024
: Mr. Heshana Kuruppu, President of CA Sri Lanka, and Mr. Sabah Mubarak Al-Jalawi, Chairman of KAAA exchanging the MoU.