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CA Sri Lanka's Australia Chapter soars high by expanding horizons and uplifting communities

In a remarkable demonstration of growth and community engagement, the Australia Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) embarked on a journey of expansion and transformation in 2023, united by the inspiring theme of "Broadening the Horizons." The CA Sri Lanka Australia Chapter has not only achieved impressive milestones during the year, but it has also left an indelible impact on communities in both Sri Lanka and Australia since its establishment in 2020.

The Chapter's most recent remarkable initiative was the launch of the CA Sri Lanka - Australia Scholarship Fund in October this year. This visionary endeavour provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspiring Chartered Accountants of CA Sri Lanka to elevate their future careers to new heights. The initiative also stands as a powerful testament to the Chapter's unwavering commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow while making a substantial impact on the evolution of the accounting profession, both within Sri Lanka and on the global stage.

A sponsorship cheque of LKR 1,275,000/- was presented to Mr. Sanjaya Bandara, President of CA Sri Lanka, by Mr. Anuruddha Dias, President of CA Sri Lanka - Australia Chapter, in Colombo in the presence of the Council and the Scholarship Committee of CA Sri Lanka. This initial investment is expected to provide crucial support to Corporate and Strategic Level CA students in assisting them to realise their professional dreams.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Sanjaya Bandara stated, "Within a short period of time, the CA Sri Lanka - Australia Chapter has emerged as a beacon of positive change, expanding its horizons and playing a vital role in uplifting communities, especially in Sri Lanka at this crucial juncture. With unwavering dedication to innovation, education, and active community engagement, the Chapter not only impacts the accounting profession positively, but it also helps fulfil the aspirations of future Chartered Accountants."

In September, the chapter also announced the launch of its very first Members Mentoring Programme. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to empower members, providing a platform for experienced professionals to guide and mentor the next generation of accountants while emphasising the spirit of mentorship and knowledge sharing. Earlier in the year, the Chapter launched the “New Migrant Starter Pack” to guide newly migrated CA members in settling down in Australia.

Mr. Anuruddha Dias expressed his gratitude, saying, "We are very grateful that our Chapter has been able to play a proactive role throughout the year, significantly impacting the community and the accounting profession. As we look to the future, the Chapter is poised to ascend to new heights, carrying the flag of both Sri Lanka and CA Sri Lanka high in the land down under so that our members can continue to remain valued partners in the business landscape, and we can continue to play a critical role in helping our country during its time of need."

Throughout the year, the chapter organised a variety of events, including programmes aimed at upskilling and networking over 1000 CA Sri Lanka members living and working in Australia, Sri Lanka, and other parts of the world. The year 2023 commenced with the Inaugural Chartered Ball, which brought together members for a night of networking and festivity. This event not only marked a joyous occasion but also underscored the Chapter's unwavering commitment to nurturing strong relationships within the Australian community.

Following the ball, the Chapter organised its very first business forum in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Consulate General Office in Melbourne under the timely theme "Reignite Sri Lanka 2023," which served as a critical platform for members and representatives of Australian businesses to exchange insights, ideas, and strategies for economic growth in Sri Lanka as it continues its efforts to overcome the ongoing economic crisis. The forum showcased the Australian Chapter's dedication to fostering economic development, promoting thought leadership within its ranks, and going beyond its efforts to help revive the island nation from the current economic crisis.

The establishment of the Investor and Business Relations Committee also underscored the Chapter's unwavering commitment to continuously support the business community, foster stronger ties with pertinent business chambers, the trade office attaché of the Consulate General Office of Sri Lanka and actively contribute to the economic growth of Sri Lanka.

In May, the Chapter organised its first-ever academic forum, emphasising the significance of education and continuous learning. A distinctive aspect of this event was its post-event collaboration with CA Sri Lanka's Education and Curriculum Development Committee, which was a testament to the chapter's unwavering commitment to educational excellence.

During the year, the CA Sri Lanka Australia Chapter continued to expand its footprint by hosting its inaugural in-person Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and fellowship event in Perth, Western Australia, further strengthening ties with the Australian community. Apart from organising numerous other CPD events on multiple topics, the Chapter also celebrated International Women's Day in March this year with a CPD event in collaboration with CA Sri Lanka's Women Empowerment and Leadership Development Committee, which showcased the Chapter's commitment to gender diversity and women's leadership in the accounting field.

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the CA Australia Chapter and consists of 15 members who play a vital role in setting the vision and mission and executing the strategy and roadmap of the chapter. For more information, please visit



  • CAAUs-1100: Mr. Anuruddha Dias, President of CA Sri Lanka - Australia Chapter presenting the scholarship sponsorship cheque to Mr. Sanjaya Bandara, President of CA Sri Lanka.

  • CAAUs-3800: The first business forum in Melbourne under the timely theme "Reignite Sri Lanka 2023” organised by the CA Sri Lanka Australia Chapter.

  • CAAUs-7400: Inaugural Chartered Ball organised by the CA Sri Lanka Australia Chapter.