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CA Sri Lanka’s 44th National Conference of Chartered Accountants to revolve around “Beyond the Perfect Storm: Seize the Opportunity”

02nd August 2023: As the country attempts to limp back to normalcy from the worst ever economic crisis, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) will once again engage professionals, including young business leaders, at the 44th National Conference of Chartered Accountants to play a critical role in helping weather the storm and seize new opportunities to help revive the country.

With Sri Lanka at a crossroad right now, mired in its worst ever economic crisis and dealing with an unfathomable social catastrophe that has also caused a significant brain drain, It is important to think beyond the crisis and face it with courage. The crisis has prompted us to look at opportunities to realize the potential of the country that can be unlocked if the correct strategies are put in place. Therefore, CA Sri Lanka, which has continuously inculcated thought leadership among the professional community, will utilise this year’s National Conference to inspire young leaders to envision these opportunities and encourage them to be part of the recovery strategy, especially by embarking on entrepreneurship and embracing new technology.

The theme of this year’s conference, "Beyond the Perfect Storm: Seize the Opportunity," was unveiled at a special press conference organised by CA Sri Lanka, which was graced by Mr. Sanjaya Bandara, President of CA Sri Lanka, Mr. Heshana Kuruppu, Vice President of CA Sri Lanka, Ms. Anoji de Silva, Chairperson of the National Conference Committee, Mr. Anura Perera, Chairman of the Technical Committee, Mr. Chamara Abeyrathne, Alternate Chair of the National Conference Committee, Ms. Priyoshini Fernando and Ms. Shyamali Kirinde, Alternate Chairs of the Technical Committee, and Mr. Prasanna Liyanage, acting Chief Executive Officer of CA Sri Lanka.

The 44th National Conference of Chartered Accountants will be held from 03rd to 05th October 2023, at the Monarch Imperial, Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte, and the event is expected to attract over 2,000 delegates, including business leaders and c-suite executives.

Addressing the press conference, Mr. Bandara said that this year’s conference will focus on the importance of shifting the mindset and embracing adversity as a catalyst for growth and change. “It is about seeing beyond the storm and recognising the possibilities that lie ahead. Instead of succumbing to fear and uncertainty, we have the power to seize the opportunity within the storm, because it is during these challenging times that new doors open, new ideas emerge, and new paths are forged,” he said.

Mr. Bandara noted that the conference will help everyone look to the future and the opportunities that come with it because it is crucial to envisage the future and alter the course decisively in order to stop a repeat of the worst catastrophe our country has ever experienced and is now experiencing.

Elaborating on the importance of the National Conference, Ms. de Silva said that the conference, which has a history of over four decades, holds immense importance not just for Chartered Accountants but for the professional community due to the insightful and inspiring content it offers to the delegates year after year.

"The conference serves as an important catalyst for professional growth, enabling participants to expand their knowledge, build valuable connections, and inspire out-of-the box thinking in our continuing quest to help our members and non-accountants to be better at what they do so that they can transform and continue to contribute effectively to the success of the nation."

Explaining the rationale of this year’s theme, Mr. Perera said that conference will have considerable focus on digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence which will help improve governance and accountability, a sine qua non if we are to attract investor confidence and prevent recurrence of similar crises in the future.

“The second focus area will be the blue and green economy. The Technical Committee recognised certain crucial areas and opportunities under these two pillars for consideration at this time, both in the context of the perfect storm Sri Lanka is currently experiencing and the storms in the broader global environment,” Mr. Perera added.

Head table at the press conference to unveil the theme of the 44th National Conference

President of CA Sri Lanka Mr. Sanjaya Bandara delivering the welcome speech

Chairperson of the National Conference Committee Ms. Anoji de Silva addressing the media

Chairman of the Technical Committee Mr. Anura Perera elaborating on this year’s technical sessions