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CBA & CCA Faculty

The Certified Business Accountant (CBA) and Certified Corporate Accountant (CCA) credentials represent mid-level qualifications within the CA Sri Lanka program, garnering recognition not only locally but also internationally.

The CBA and CCA qualifications are built on a curriculum featuring three key pillars: a strong foundation in accounting and technical knowledge, a diverse skill set encompassing soft skills such as communication, presentation, and IT proficiency, and hands-on experience gained through training and placements at various organizations.

CBAs and CCAs, trained through CA Sri Lanka, boast a versatile skill set that is in high demand, spanning both the SME sector and the corporate world. These professionals enjoy recognition both locally and internationally, with endorsement from government and regulators alike. Their unique capabilities extend to assuming responsibility for financial functions in small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as competently filling mid-level roles in larger organizations and publicly listed companies. Given the esteemed recognition of their qualifications, CBAs and CCAs produced by CA Sri Lanka can confidently anticipate guaranteed employability and a prosperous career as respected finance professionals, not only within Sri Lanka but also abroad.

The CBA and CCA Faculty host monthly workshops led by esteemed professionals to refine the skills of stakeholders in financial accounting, financial reporting, business etiquette, auditing, and accounting standards. In 2023, the annual convocation ceremony celebrated the achievements of CBA and CCA members, recognizing their dedication and professional accomplishments.

The CBA and CCA Faculty boasts a membership of over 6270 CBAs and CCAs, which are early exit routes of the globally recognized CA Sri Lanka qualification.


Please click below link and refer FAQ number 18, 19 and 20 under Practical Training. https://www.casrilanka.com/casl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=80&lang=en

Please click below link and refer FAQ number 21, 22 and 23 under Practical Training. https://www.casrilanka.com/casl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=80&lang=en

  • CBA membership fee Rs. 3000/=
  • CBA renewal fee Rs. 3000/=
  • CCA membership fee Rs. 5000/=
  • CCA renewal fee Rs. 4000/=

  • To pay CBA membership and renewal fees, Payment Code is CB02
  • To pay CCA membership fee, Payment Code is CC01
  • To pay CCA renewal fee, Payment Code is CC02


a) Cash payments/Credit/Debit card payments - CA Sri Lanka Cashier Counter from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

b) Direct deposits - Any branch of Bank of Ceylon using the CA Sri Lanka cash deposit slip by mentioning the Student ID.

c) Online payments - by login into the CA Sri Lanka website (www.casrilanka.com) and using the student ID.

Receipt/online receipt/ bank slip must be forwarded to the Faculty.

a) Use of library free of charge.

b )Opportunity to participate in knowledge/skills development seminars and or workshops organized by the Faculty free of charge.

c) Opportunity to join the CBA Toastmasters Club free of charge

d) Opportunity to participate in the annual members’ day/fellowship and networking events free of charge

e) Opportunity to obtain good standing letters, membership confirmations or any other confirmation for employment purposes, upon request.

f)  Entitlement to use the “CBA” designatory letters after the name.

Forward the below application form to the Faculty.

Application for Membership CBA

Application for Membership CCA

Ms. Medhani Manathunga - on +94 (0) 11 2352000 - Ext. 1513 or email මෙම ඊ-තැපැල් ලිපිනය spambots ගෙන් සුරක්ෂිත කොට ඇත. මෙය බැලීම සදහා ඔබට JavaScript සක්‍රීය කිරීම අවශ්‍යවේ