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Advanced Level Accounting Support

CA Sri Lanka has been organising educational seminars on the Accounting subject for the benefit of students sitting for the GCE Advanced Level exam. But, due to the prevailing situation in the country following COVID-19, CA Sri Lanka was compelled to postpone these seminars indefinitely. However, with the use of technology, CA Sri Lanka is now offering these educative seminars in the form of videos.

2020 AL Exam Focus Mock Paper Discussion

A/L Accounting subject, competency 11, Sri Lanka Accounting standards, by Dr. Isuru Manawadu

A/L Accounting - Ratio Analysis by by H M T G C Sandaruwan (New Version)

උසස් පෙළ ගිණුම්කරණය (මුලික සටහන් පොත්) A/L Accounting New Syllabus 2019