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CA Sri Lanka, IRCSL and Deakin University to help corporates kick start their integrated reporting journey

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) has joined hands with the Integrated Reporting Council of Sri Lanka (IRCSL) and the Deakin University, Australia will help corporates kick start their integrated reporting journey, by organising a one day workshop which will feature two international experts on the subject.

The workshop titled ‘Integrated Reporting: Kick start the journey to better business reporting’ will be held on 26th September 2017 and is open to senior executives who require a deeper understanding on the integrated reporting framework, including how the framework bring about value creation to an organisation, both big and small.

The one day programme will be conducted by Mr. Michael Bray, a Corporate Reporting Specialist with 40 years of experience in providing assurance and advisory services, including 27 years as an audit partner at KPMG Australia and Dr. Luckmika Perera, an experienced business consultant & academic, specializing in the areas including integrated reporting <IR>, environmental accounting & sustainability.

Both resource personnel will introduce the participants to integrated reporting, including the value creation process and how to achieve integrated thinking. They will also shed insight on how to prepare the Integrated Report - The Guiding Principles, Content Elements and Integrated Report and also the process to implement integrated reporting from financial management to value management. Furthermore, both Mr. Bray and Dr. Perera, will help the participants understand how to implement the integrated reporting management system, and also how to establish credibility and trust as well as the annual preparation process when a company adopts the integrated reporting framework.

Mr. Bray commands extensive boardroom and C-Suite experience as an audit partner and advisor. He works with clients and advises on their corporate reporting and reports, including integrated reports, financial reports, and other regulatory reporting. He specialises in the corporate reporting change agenda, and leading teams in working through that agenda with clients. He also leads the IIRC-endorsed training program in Integrated Reporting at the Deakin University, Australia.

At present, Dr. Perera serves as Director of Professional Programs and Partnerships within the Faculty of Business and Law, of the Deakin University. He is also a foundation member of the Integrated Reporting Consortium in Australia, established by Deakin, KPMG and UNSW. Dr. Perera also sits on a number of advisory panels with CPA Australia and Monarch Institute.